The Hillbilly Smokin' Society

Hillbilly, because neither of us is "normal" in the best sense of the word. We like to see things colorfully,              do crazy things and avoid all the serious things that have nothing to do with eating from afar.

It is difficult to get this project together as a complete team, because besides the actual "flight crew" there are many who are involved directly/indirectly. A shared affection for good food and good company are what form the firm foundation of the Hillbilly Smokin 'Society.

Most of us are residents of Budapest with strong rural/cross-border roots. This diversity helps to create truly unique things in the "baptism of smoke".

We are currently working on two simpler bullet smokers, a custom-made vertical smoker, and a heavily modified salgo sparhelt and an unique grill sheet. We are planning to build two more vertical smokers and a 19th century brick oven.

There are countless pioneers breaking the road ahead of us, we're inspired by them every day, whether they are the stars of international gastronomy or the greats of the domestic BBQ scene.

We would also like to thank those who made it possible for more and more people in our small country to get to know the beautiful genre of the real Barbecue.

Our goal is to participate in as many BBQ events, competitions, learn from the big ones as well as test our knowledge and skills. In addition to the competition scene, we are also working on steampower (i'd rather say smoke) to launch our catering service too!

We ask for your kind help on our way! - Our Crowfunding Project -

Take a look at our work!

           Meet the crew

Laszlo Fenyvesy

Team Leader

We could have written Pit Master, but we're not there for the fancy names.

In "civilian" he's an IT assistant, whatever he does it will eventually have to do with baking / cooking or at least a wildfire.

Previously he's been involved in gastronomic TV productions and various gastro projects.


Tamas Barany


actually we have no idea what he's doing, but we needed another member. (Ok, that's an unfair joke)

Tamás works hard to get things organized in one direction and does not waste any effort. There was a need for someone to knock on a man's shoulder when things go away.

On the other hand, he has a highly developed sense of taste, which is a great help in the process of developing rubs and sauces. (he's the perfect lab mouse.)

Tibor Kiss

"The caretaker"

Tibor is the Swiss knife of the team, he does nearly everything.

Let's say he mostly eats (that's what he calls "testing"), which is a bit counterproductive from a business point of view, but above that we are forced to close our eyes.

He helps to ge tour equipment together and actually he's the "fire master" too.